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Rick Kinney has been negotiating first party property damage homeowner insurance claim settlements for the policyholder for over three decades. He has been your Buckingham Public Adjuster since 1992.  Now offering all homeowners options to choose from when their property sustains sudden and accidental damage from an insurable loss. Saving YOU Money / Saving YOU Time as Your Buckingham Public Adjuster... 

Rick has designed and created the Home Claims Course that educates the homeowner with specific industry knowledge that gives them the confidence to generate an equitable first party property damage home claims settlement. With the feeling of power because they know exactly what to do.  KNOWLEDGE = POWER to Do – This- Yourself. 

With the right information and course of action he believes anyone can negotiate their own claim. Saving a huge amount of money by not getting scammed by unethical contractors acting as licensed public adjusters with their ASSIGNMENT of BENEFITS LETTER  they are so eager for you to sign. 

We do not render legal advice so you really need to do your due diligence and research when hiring a storm chasing door knocking roof contractors that flood an entire area with signs and literature. 

We look forward in serving you with any property damage home insurance claim scenarios as your Buckingham Public Adjuster. We are only a phone call away and never to busy for a referral. We are your true Advocate Public Adjustment in Property Damage. Insurance Claims!

We look forward to your stay.

Rick Kinney

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Our mission is to serve Buckingham, Bucks County, Pennsylvania residence with the best Buckingham Public Adjuster services possible. As an expert since 1992 and by offering home claims services that no other public adjusting firm does. We want to educate you as a first party named insured maximizing your benefits on your own. .


No other public adjusting firm offers the products, services and home claims education that your Buckingham Public Adjuster offers. Our vision is to HELP and SERVE YOU by by educating the policyholder about HOW THIS PROCESS REALLY WORKS...Or by representing you as YOUR BUCKINGHAM PUBLIC ADJUSTER for a fair competitive fee.


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